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Ad#: 11635
10' x 30'
Kansas City, Missouri

Large amount of Zero Truss that has been used many times in many configurations.  The truss includes many beams, a few half beams, junctions, plug connectors and 3-way connectors, large oval base plates, round base plates all in silver and many misc shelving etc.  Also with this system are  panels that attach to the truss.  If you want just the truss without the panels or just the panels, I will negotiate on the price depending on what you want.  Mostly good condition, some scratches and wear on the trusses.  It does include crates. Cleaning out the warehouse to make room for more projects!

Some of the components have scratches and such but all in very usable condition.

1. Full Beams: 6 @ 78" long, 4 @ 49", 18 @ 39", 5 @ 29", 8 @ 19" - all silver.  One additional beam is 19" and is Beluga color

2. Half Beams: 4 @ 78", 6 @ 39", 1 @ 29", 2 @ 19", all silver

3. 7 Large oval bases

4. 7 Round bases with additional base plates and 6 round base covers

5. Square junctions - 18,  1 additional that is Beluga color

6. Too many to count plug style connectors and also 3-way tube connectors

7. 17 - Small curved Broadway panels with round holes - 39" by 29" tall

8. 7 - flat rectangular Milano panels with square holes - 29" X 89"

9. 1 Milano flat panel with square holes - 29" X 79"

10. 6 Milano flat panels with square holes - 29" X 49"

11. 5 Milano flat panels with square holes - 19" X 49"

A few metal shelves that go with the system as well.

You can build many configurations with this system.  You can easily make 10X10, 10X20, 10X30 and 10X40 as well as island exhibit.

There are a total of 3 crates with this system.

Only: $4,000
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